portable python2/3 coexist on window

portable python2/3 coexist on window It is not big issue to install python2/3 on same Linux but some issue on window, they have same name. There is new launcher to switch different version but not support portable by natural. Here are some tips to make both portable running smoothly on usb. dev env mobaxterm as(…)


gateone web terminal in WSL ubuntu

gateone HTML5-powered terminal emulator and SSH client download gateone 1.1 source https://github.com/liftoff/GateOne/downloads $ wget https://github.com/downloads/liftoff/GateOne/gateone-1.1.tar.gz install gateone from source $ tar zxvf gateone.tar.gz; cd gateone; sudo python setup.py install the gateone 1.1 released by 2012, only working well with tornado 2.4.1 $ pip install tornado==2.4.1 running gateone sudo python gateone.py looks like default 443 port(…)


create kvm vm from iso plus kickstart

download centos7 iso move iso to /var/lib/libvirt/boot prepare centos 7 kickstart file insert below line to standard kickstart file, to setup console mode for kickstart, create vm from iso + ks verify vm ruuning vm instance location verify inside vm doing same using script


virt-install mis-setting driver type to raw when import qcow2

generate qcow2 base image verified type of disk is qcow2 by will use this base image as teamplate for future vm quick launch. clone base image disk to vm disk create vm testvm by importing existing qcow2, cannot start up testvm due to driver type is raw, which should be qcow2, virsh dumpxml testvm as(…)


libvirtd failure after latest upgrade in rhel/centos7

libvirtd down after upgrade no clue from log narrow down to module rbd remedy found right redhat fix here remedy works exactly:


How to expand disk for centos vm in vmware?

delete snapshot expand to 100GB create partition for new expanded disk add expended disk to root logical group expand disk in vmware the expand disk is default feature in vmware, you need to delete snapshot before expand. The Expand button is under vmware GUI Hardware/Hard Disk/Disk utilities, it is straightforward in few seconds, will see(…)


pytoolbar – a python toolbar demo in Tkinter

pytoolbar – a python toolbar demo in Tkinter features toolbar gui, run in window or unix/linux desktop, it’s always on top of desktop security protected login(predefined login user: pytoolbar/demo,test/test) customized search bar, predefined google, github, oxford dictionary, bab.la English-Chinese dictionary, wikipedia search engines, easy to extend customized tool button for windows local tool, predefined Q-Dir,(…)


One Node Two NIC Openstack Sandbox(centos) Vagrant Setup Guide

virtulabox vm node centOS based vm memory: 4-6GB CPU: 2 HD: 50G NIC1: NAT default, dhcp, for Internet access, ovs br-ex NIC2: Hostonly, static ip,, for openstack management/public network opensatck vm user/pass: vagrant/vagrant openstack admin user/pass: admin/demo use vagrant to launch openstack sandbox in Virtualbox GUI, need to make sure Adapter2 Host-only(…)


vagrant pain point on 2nd Hostonly NIC setup

vagrant stuck at “Setting hostname” for private network setup debug log from debug log, it used hostnamectl to change hostname, then will restart network service, it hanging there forever. deep look inside vm however when login to vm, found the hostonly interface enp0s8 show up in “ip addr” but ifcfg-enp0s8 not created and network service(…)


one NAT Network NIC manually packstack setup guide

NAT Network is new virtualbox adapter, between NAT and Hostonly, it is type of NAT but can have any static ip address. NAT Network is best choice if you consider one NIC solution for openstack sandbox setup. virtualbox vm install centos7 manually You can download centos7 iso from centos 7 Minimal iso, manually install it.(…)