Portable python2/3 on windows msys

I used small script to make one python version portable before, it seems not necessary to intro extra switch script at all,why not just place python2 and python3 together at same time in portable usb driver. Few pain points: python installation hardcoded python path to all tools and scripts, such as pip, easy_install, ipython, jupyter(…)


Explore Docker wordpress nginx on Docker Windows

The purpose here: – quick install and run all in one docker with nginx+php+mysql+wordpress eugeneware – explore docker inside portable docker for windows Check here if you want to know how to make portable docker toolbox for windows. $ dockerstart installation docker images running docker explore docker wordpress-nginx 1) ssh using docker-machine 2) directly ssh(…)


Portable nginx+php+mysql stack on windows msys

download nginx+php+mysql zip package and unzip without installation nginx-1.11.5.zip beta version on windows php-7.0.12-nts-Win32-VC14-x64.zip with php-cgi tool mysql-5.7.16-winx64.zip community server config nginx nginx.conf – change doc root from html to www, create www folder under nginx – place all app site in conf/conf.d folder and include them config php copy php.ini-xxx to php.ini enable below(…)


Brackets – best lightweight code editor

highlight on Brackets open source from Adobe https://github.com/adobe/brackets lightweight but very powerful code editor realtime live preview for HTML, CSS and Javascript, syncing with browser when you type code supports source code edit for over 38 types of file, such as Python, Perl, Ruby etc install Brackets Download portable Brackets Download


The git/msys mount issue

When mount the mount point from /etc/fstab, it is not working well, But it works when manually type here, Finally the issue in on /etc/fstab mount point format, correct format,


Markdown editor plugin for wordpress

There are tons to markdown plugin for wordpress, I would like to recommend this JP markdown, it takes Markdown module out of Jetpack and making it into an independent plugin. The outstanding point of this plugin write in Markdown, publish in HTML works well with plugin SyntaxHighlighter Evolved when deactivate JP markdown, not impact on(…)


How to make node.js portable on windows git/msys

Assume you have portable git/msys, you can find details in portabledevops in github. There are two parts for node.js – node, Node.js interpreter – npm, node package manager I would like to carry node.js in usb driver, found the npm default configuration is too close to windows environment: the good thing is you can change(…)


Python wheel installation

The wheel is new build-package for python, intend to replace egg, more details here. It is great to avoid compile from source code, easy and faster than egg. This is example for pyzmq, it is nightmare if install on window msys if need to compile from source. 1) download right platform and python vesion for(…)


Virtualenv pip install failure

When create virtualenv project and install new package for example Jupyter, always stuck on pyzmq, Unable to find vcvarsall.bat looks like it trying to compile from source code and cannot find right C++ env from windows, I have mingw existing but no good way to force to compile zmq using mingw g++. Finally I found(…)


C: the reverse command from stdin

The rev tool is missing in git/msys, sometimes it is very useful for parse string. Here is use case: I want to get last field of string since cut command only support nth field.