Post setup for ubuntu 17.04 vmware vm

download iso Ubuntu Server 17.04 is latest version of Ubuntu Server. https://www.ubuntu.com/download vmware config 1 CPU 4G memory 100GB harddisk network: NAT verify NAT internet access make sure can access to Internet ssh server on vm then you can ssh from host to vm server using putty for rest works. update packages hgfs share folder(…)


Post setup for Redhat/CentOS 7 vmware vm

download iso Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 is free download for developers, you can get from here. You need to register for download, this account also needed for subscription after installation later on. https://developers.redhat.com/downloads/ CentOS 7 is community-driven free, kind of community version of RedHat. http://isoredirect.centos.org/centos/7/isos/x86_64/CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1611.iso vmware config 1 CPU 4G memory 100GB harddisk network:(…)


Portable HTML to PDF Tool

1) install wkhtmltopdf on windows7 https://downloads.wkhtmltopdf.org/0.12/0.12.4/wkhtmltox-0.12.4_mingw-w64-cross-win64.exe 2) make wkhtmltopdf portable move to $PORTABLEPATH/wkhtmltopdf/ add lines to /etc/profile.d/portabledevops.sh 3) remedy for pre tag text wrap which apply for code, config, table etc add pre-wrap to html 4) command line to convert html to pdf option –disable-smart-shrinking to avoid the font shrinking, o/w pdf font will be(…)


Install Jupyter on cygwin64

It is such painful to install jupyter notebook in cygwin64, so let’s be patient go through one step by step. install jupyter using pip first failure is on pyzmq: Running setup.py bdist_wheel for pyzmq … error still failed but at least we got pyzmq version 16.0.2 manually install pyzmq from tarballs it failed but download(…)


portabledevops deploy script

This is new portabledevops deploy script, to faster the portabledevops setup. – place all-in-one portable customization setting to msys2/cygwin /etc/profile.d – install docker toolbox locally to msys2/cygwin setup.sh deploy script running log sample launch msys2/cygwin bash shell from cmder or console


vagrant to boot up ubuntu 16.10

find out vagrant box for latest release Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) search Yakkety Yak from https://atlas.hashicorp.com/ubuntu will find below box: https://atlas.hashicorp.com/ubuntu/boxes/yakkety64 will see command for virtualbox: vagrant up ssh to vagrant machine vagrant mount sharing folder add this line to Vagrantfile ../testgo is on host /vagrant_testgo is on guest vm $ vagrant reload $ vagrant(…)


Portable vagrant on msys/cygwin

Vagrant is must have devops tool to quick build up dev , ops, test env. Here is practice how to make it portable on windows. 1) download and install to C:\Vagrant https://www.vagrantup.com/downloads.html 2) assume you have portable msys2 and cygwin, if not you can refer portabledevops. L:\portabledevops\msys64 L:\portabledevops\cygwin64 3) move Vagrant folder to portabledevops L:\portabledevops\vagrant(…)


Portable cygwin64 setup

install portable cygwin64 download cygwin64 from https://www.cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe move setup-x86_64.exe to L:\portabledevops\cygdev64 folder click setup-x86_64.exe only install wget, choice install folder and package folder to L:\portabledevops\cygdev64 it will install cygwin 64 core package. click Cygwin.bat , it will init cygwin setup dev packages launch bash shell from Cmder task tab cygdev64: cmd /c “%ConEmuDir%......\cygdev64\bin\bash –login -i(…)


Portable msys64 setup

install msys64 download msys2-x86_64-xxx.exe from http://msys2.github.io/ install to default location C:\msys64 copy C:\msys64 to L:\portabledevops\msys64 uninstall msys64 from windows setup msys64 base launch msys2.exe from L:\portabledevops\msys64 folder, or launch bash shell from Cmder task tab msys2: cmd /c “%ConEmuDir%......\msys64\bin\bash –login -i” at bash shell, install necessary package for dev env on msys2. portable profile setting(…)


docker client env setup on windows

Docker Toolbox for Windows is nice toolbox, make docker dev/test possible on windows and Mac OSX. It includes: – docker-machine to create and operate docker machine which is linux vm within virtualbox, vmware, aws ec2 – docker client to run docker command outside vm docker server The main benefit to run docker client for me,(…)