Python wheel installation

The wheel is new build-package for python, intend to replace egg, more details here. It is great to avoid compile from source code, easy and faster than egg. This is example for pyzmq, it is nightmare if install on window msys if need to compile from source. 1) download right platform and python vesion for(…)


Virtualenv pip install failure

When create virtualenv project and install new package for example Jupyter, always stuck on pyzmq, Unable to find vcvarsall.bat looks like it trying to compile from source code and cannot find right C++ env from windows, I have mingw existing but no good way to force to compile zmq using mingw g++. Finally I found(…)


C: the reverse command from stdin

The rev tool is missing in git/msys, sometimes it is very useful for parse string. Here is use case: I want to get last field of string since cut command only support nth field.



A portable devops shell env on windows, easy customization of cmder/console+git/msys. Background Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over absence of usable console emulator on Windows. It is based on ConEmu. There are two version of cmder: cmder with own Git for Windows and cmdermini without git and bash. I used(…)


ssh setup for github push

After reinstalled git, git push always asked Username and password even ssh key already deployed to github account. $ git push -u origin master Username for ‘https://github.com’: if you type in user and password, for sure it is working but wonder why ssh key not working. ssh git test looks fine, Quick go through github(…)


Portable Docker Toolbox for Windows with Cmder/Console2+msys

Docker Toolbox for Windows is tool set for both docker machine and docker client: – docker-machine – docker Here is solution to make it portable with USB driver, precondition: – portable msys + Git – portable Cmder/Console2 1) First for all, install Docker Toolbox for Windows without VirtualBox and Git options since I already have(…)


How Docker Toolbox for Windows working with Cmder/Console2+msys

This is error when start docker with my own msys bash from shortcut or Cmder/Console2 task tab, Docker Machine is not installed. Please re-run the Toolbox Installer and try again. Looks like something went wrong in step A’Looking for vboxmanage.exeA’… Press any key to continue… Looks like some issue in start.sh in this way, finally(…)


Calibre Global Setting for PDF Output

By default there are few issues when convert EPUB to PDF: 1) there are too many page break 2) unexpected font style and size 3) page margin is too small 5 pt Let us reformat epub to remove page break at first. 1) open epub in Calibre Editor, open stylesheet.css, replace below string : from(…)


cmder copy/paste in vim

cmder select text / copy is simple, just select text using left mouse, it is in clipboard, so you can paste using ctrl-V or right mouse. But default it is not working in vim, found this is reason: means vim.exe is in exception list, I don’t know why but it works fine with copy/paste when(…)


How cmdermini working with msys

There are two versions of cmder: cmder with Git and cmdermini without Git, I prefer use cmdermini without Git since I already have portable git, however it is nothing when run as cmdermini, it is pure cmd replacement, cannot run UNIX like shell. cmdermini https://github.com/cmderdev/cmder/releases/download/v1.2.9/cmder_mini.zip best windows cmd.exe replacement msys http://www.mingw.org/wiki/msys lightweight bash shell/tools on(…)