Launch centos based openstack sandbox using vagrant box dreamcloud-ct7os

dreamcloud/ct7os is a centos based openstack ready sandbox, here is demo to show how to launch a one node openstack in few mins using vagrant. tool set vagant 2.0.2 virtualbox 5.2.6 cmder/msys64, I use portabledevops which seamless integrated with vagrant/virtualbox prepare Vagrantfile the openstack vm setting by default: – cpu 2 – memory 8GB ,(…)


devstack installation troubleshooting

error on pip installation When install openstack on ubuntu using devstack, always got error on install_pip stage, as remedy, install pip before stack.sh error on git clone manually run got same result: ping seems ok to git server, it is working if change protocol to https, As remedy, add line to local.conf


Red Hat openstack certificate exam resource

Here are some source from Internet about RHOS. deploy one node openstack https://www.rdoproject.org/install/packstack/ training course https://www.redhat.com/en/services/certification/rhcsa-rhos#Training Cl110 Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10 Launch an instance Manage projects, quotas, and users Manage networks, subnets, routers, and floating IP addresses Create and manage block and object storage in the Openstack framework Customize instances with cloud-init Deploy scalable(…)


centos7 openstack network namespace

I created instance in centos7 openstack, associated floating ip to instance but cannot ping and ssh to it. Finally found out I have to give network name space to it, more detail about network namespace here. network namespce [vagrant@ctopenstack ~(keystone_demo)]$ ip netns list qrouter-6d768792-a449-40dd-b124-c2daba753cfd qdhcp-9200eb14-5004-4e94-a7e0-1a62f32e96a4 ping instance ssh to instance


centos7 openstack cannot access to instance console

VNC console access failure I installed one vm node openstack for testing, cannot access to new instance console, got error as below, Found some clue from nova log /var/log/nova/nova-consoleauth.log /var/log/nova/nova-novncproxy.log from log we know it used novnc, and trying to connect to ctopenstack.xxx.com:5900 but “No address found” check nova.conf setting host name is for vncserver_proxyclient_address,(…)


install one vm node ubuntu openstack using devstack

launch ubuntu vm for openstack using vagrant CPU: 2 memory: 6GB 1st NIC: NAT 2nd NIC: hostonly private network for openstack bring it up, 2 NIC up now, shared folder mounted, download devstack https://docs.openstack.org/devstack/latest/ the vagrant user is already sudo user so will use it to install devstack. devstack mini config vi local.conf run(…)


install single vm node centos7 openstack using packstack

launch centos7 vm from vagrant Assume you use msys/cygwin shell on win or shell on OSX, we download centos7 Vagrant template and customized to vm for one single vm node openstack test. vm hostname: ctopenstack vm cpu: 2 vm memory: 6GB 1 NIC: NAT 2 NIC: hostonly here is Vagrantfile for our test, verify(…)


create centos7 k8s vagrant box from dreamcloud-centos7

launch dev vm it is based on my dev ready vagrant box dreancloud/centos7. create project folder prepare the Vagrantfile, then boot up the vm, reset ssh keypair The reason I re-init ssh keypair for new vm centos7k8s here, because the keypair has been changed when I launch this vm from vagrant box dreamcloud/centos7. It will(…)


launch k8s cluster using vagrant box dreamcloud-centos7k8s

launch k8s cluster using vagrant box dreamcloud-centos7k8s dreamcloud/centos7k8s is a docker/k8s ready box, here is demo to show how to launch a 2 nodes k8s cluster in few mins using vagrant. tool set vagant 2.0.1 virtualbox 5.1.30 cmder/msys64, I use portabledevops which seamless integrated with vagrant/virtualbox prepare Vagrantfile assume the k8s cluster setting: centos7k8s-master…)


launch centos dev vm from dreamcloud-centos7

I build dreamcloud/centos7 vagrant box as practise, it is a dev ready vm: Guest Tool, shared folder gcc/git/python/pip Here is demo how to launch centos vm from this base, add 2nd host-only interface for private network. Vagrantfile vagrant up test vagrant box shared folder mounted properly, NIC and Internet access,