cmder with Sublime Text 3

why integrate sublime text3 to cmder Sometimes open sublime text in split window with cmder is more elegant and efficient. The idea is from page. The improvement on alias of cmder the sample in above page is only cmder cmd alias, sublime text3 placed in vender folder, I give more flexible sample to portable sublime(…)


mintty for portabledevops

mintty highlights most lightweight terminal emulator for Cygwin, MSYS or Msys2 re-sizable xterm scrollback lines almost unlimited copy/paste how to launch mintty give Git for Windows as example. you can double click git-bash.exe it calls bash –login -i; also start it from bat file which has more control: mouse paste default paste is Middle button,(…)


How to run portable babun in portabledevops

babun features the core of Babun is a pre-configured Cygwin package manager called pact, similar to ‘apt-get’ or ‘yum’ bash/zsh, build in git/gcc/python/perl mintty default terminal emulator why run babun with portabledevops to get benefit from portabledevops: portable devops tool set on windows portable babun everywhere install to portable folder will install as .babun under(…)


kitty as terminal for cygwin

kitty The kitty is fork version of putty with new features: – can keep ssh login user and encrypted password in session – login script for auto login The key to integrate kitty to cygwin is PuTTYCyg. Here are setup steps 1) cygiwn ready C:\oldhorse\portableapps\cygwin64 2) download PuTTYCyg copy cthelper.exe to cygwin\bin copy kitty.ini and(…)


Integrate MobaXterm to portabledevops

MobaXterm is all-in-one multi-tab tool for ssh/sftp/local terminal/X server, here is discussion how to integrate it to portabledevops. Most used feature from mobaxterm local terminal, behind is cygwin subsystem ssh client, it can import session from SecureCRT, putty macro, one key to automate repeated tasks basic setup By default there is portable version ready there:(…)


flaskhello container using Dockerfile in portabledevops

Objective Flask web app: Hello World! count visit from web URL using Redis using Dockerfile to auto build docker image, then start container and run flask web app on container share image via Docker Hub 1) create docker machine for test launch msys shell from portabledevops, a portable lightweight devops tool on windows. 2) auto(…)


New cygwin x86 2.881 setup not working

setup error when run setup-x86_64.exe 2.881, got this error no matter install from Internet or download then install from local, Unable to extract /etc/ — corrupt package? Unable to extract /etc/postinsall — corrupt package? setup.log 2017/09/11 07:56:22 Starting cygwin install, version 2.881 2017/09/11 07:56:22 User has backup/restore rights 2017/09/11 07:56:22 io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/etc/setup/setup.rc) failed 2 No(…)


New Docker Toolbox 17.07-ce for Windows

For the latest Docker Toolbox for Windows 17.07, there are some change on bash terminal. Docker Quickstart terminal when start quickstart terminal, it is still CMD shell, checked start command it just start bash.exe, “C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe” –login -i “C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\start.sh” In fact Docker Toolbox for Windows shipping with Git for Windows, the git-bash.exe has(…)


How to map local folder to docker container on windows?

Assume you work on windows on daily base, want to get benefit from docker container using docker toolbox for test and dev purpose. run docker container on windows There are two options to run docker container on windows: – run docker container directly from local window shell, like msys or cygwin – run docker container(…)


gitbook editor desktop on windows

download latest gitbook editor desktop version from here: https://www.gitbook.com/editor install gitbook editor, by default will be at: where is library book files? each book folder is a git repo. how to change default Library to another place? It is possible to change Library from GitBook Editor: – move whole GitBook folder from C:\Users\USERNAME\GitBook to J:\GitBook(…)